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Your Choice Dropshipping (YCD)


Allows you to use TripleClicks Gift Certificates at popular e-commerce sites worldwide.

You Can Use GC for your PriceBenders’s Wins(exchange)
Gift Certificates must be used within 180 days
With YCD, you can  redeem your Gift Certificates(GC) for ANY product from some of the world’s most popular e-commerce sites!  eleven Amazon sites listed below.


You can purchase Gift Certificates ( GC) from TripleClicks and shop at the mentioned Amazon sites below.

How it works

  1. Click the “Place a new order” button
  2. In the box that appears, enter the vendor, item name, the URL of the product and the rest of the product information.
  3. After the information has been entered, click the ‘Continue’ button.
  4. Proceed through the normal TripleClicks checkout to complete your drop ship order.


To avoid problems with your dropship order:

  • Make sure to copy and paste the URL of the product detail page of the item you’re ordering.
  • To get the correct shipping cost of your item, add it to your cart and estimate shipping to your location.

Note that most of these Amazon sites service multiple


Available Vendors

Amazon Brazil
Amazon Canada
Amazon China
Amazon France
Amazon Germany
Amazon Global
Amazon India
Amazon Italy
Amazon Japan
Amazon Mexico
Amazon Spain
Amazon United Kingdom

Amazon United States

TC Gift Certificate 

Comes in Various quantities

IMPORTANT! Gift Certificate funds will not be available for use until your order is approved (up to 1 to 2 business days).

Add $10 (USD) to your GC account

Add $25 (USD) to your GC account

Add $50 (USD) to your GC account

Add $75 (USD) to your GC account

Add $100 (USD) to your GC account

Add $200 (USD) to your GC account

Add $500 (USD) to your GC account

Add $1,000 (USD) to your GC account


Q: How do I communicate exactly what item I want drop shipped to me?

On the YCD Manager page, you simply need to paste the URL of the item you want (copy the URL from the product details page at the site of your choice).  You’ll also need to confirm your shipping address and the total cost (including shipping, if any).  Once you’ve submitted this information, we’ll take it from there.  We’ll reduce your gift certificate balance for the amount of the order and have the item shipped directly to you as soon possible.

Q: What are the steps to using YCD?

  1. You win a Pricebenders auction and accept the gift certificate offered.
  2. Access the YCD Manager page (located in the Member Center at TripleClicks) and pick a e-commerce site you want to order from from the sites listed.
  3. From the e-commerce site of your choosing, browse and find the product you want.  At that product’s details page, copy the URL for that product.  You’ll also need to determine the total cost with shipping (if any).
  4. At the YCD Manager page, paste the URL of the desired product in the provided box.  You’ll also enter the total cost of the product and the ship-to name and address.
  5. That’s it.  Once you’ve submitted the above information, we’ll confirm everything, deduct the appropriate amount from your gift certificate balance, and place the order on your behalf.
  6. Assuming the item you ordered is in stock and the site has good shipping service, you’ll have your item in just a few days.


Q: Where is the YCD Manager page located?

The YCD Manager is available via a link in the Member Center at TripleClicks.   It is only accessible if you have a gift certificate
Q: Can I use YCD to have something drop shipped to a friend or family member, such as for a gift?
Yes!  So long as the site will ship to the person, you are more than welcome to use YCD in this way.  And what a terrific way to take care of gift giving for holidays, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and more!
Q: What if I don’t have enough funds in my gift certificate account to buy the product I want?
Then you will need to acquire an additional gift certificate.  We can only accept drop ship orders for items for which you have a balance that will cover the cost of the item and the $8 service fee.
Q: I someone lives in the United States or Canada, can they exchange a won item for a gift certificate and use YCD?
Absolutely, yes!
Q: Can I order more than one item with my gift certificate?

Yes, you can order as many items as you want for which you have funds for.  Note: Only one item can be a processed at a time.
Q: I have other gift certificates in my account.  Can I combine them?
Q: What about gift certificates I have on account not won at Pricebenders?  Can I use them, too?
Q: Can I hold on to a gift certificate until a site where I want to spend my gift certificate at gets added?



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