NEWS!! See Top Artists/Bands At TripleClicks’ own “Battle Of The Bands”!!

TripleClicks’ own Battle of the Bands!

The TripleClicks Song-of-the-Month Contest provides music artists from all over the world the opportunity to expose their best songs to 5.3 million members. Just upload a song each month. TripleClicks members then vote for their favorites. The song with the most votes at the end of the month wins and is then featured on our homepage for an entire month.


Follow the links provided and hear  music from Various Artists World Wide !
These artists supplies Original songs to be enter in the Monthly contest hosted at TripleClicks where the members at TripleClicks gets to place votes to each song for a whole month.The winner is the Artist with the most votes !

Become a fan place your vote for the songs and you can also download these original Songs for a nominal fee of 1TCredit.
For as low as 29Cents !
The larger the bundle of TCredits bought the cheaper the cost  for one!

1…1 TCredit is just $1.99.

2…A 10 pack of TCredits (as low as 56 cents each).

3…A 20 pack of TCredits (as low as 46 cents each).

4…A 50 pack of TCredits (as low as 39 cents each).

5…A 200 pack of TCredits (as low as 29 cents each).

These TCredits  are currency at TripleClicks and can be used for various activities.See below!
TCredits bought are valid for one full year from purchase
See Uses here
Mighty TCredits


genre : SPIRIT

Brian Watts

From Toronto, ON, CA

  All Songs

LaRae Raine

From Mount Holly, NJ, US


  All Songs

Cee Enn

From ISOLO, Lagos, NG

  All Songs



From Lilla Edet, SE

  All Songs

genre: TECHNO


From Pune, MA, IN

  All Songs


From Bangalore, IN

  All Songs

genre: POP

Nicim Izazvan

From Vrbas, RS

  All Songs

genre: R&B


From Cape Town, ZA

  All Songs

TEECEE Experience

From Auckland, NZ

  All Songs



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