Hi family  I usually write blogs and placed abbreviations well here I am giving you the meaning and a small description. 
SFI:-  Strong Future International this is an online marketing opportunity comprising   of two sites .A site for enrollments of affiliates making the arm of strong of affiliates    bigger and an E Commerce Site called “TripleClicks” hosting over 80,000 products and services this is YOUR store..
PSA:- Personally Sponsored Affiliate –The name given to an affiliate who enrolled using your gateway and to whom you are responsible for providing Leadership and support..These are your  life time customers and you earn 45 % Commission Volume on product as Direct Commissions.These also your Personally Referred Member of “TripleClicks”.
CSA :-   Co-Sponsored Affiliate – The name given to an affiliate  that you have been assigned as co- sponsor.Similar to PSA,helps to increase your commissions and strengthens your team.These are also your lifetime customers and you earn 15% of commission volume of product as commissions.
PRM :-  Personally Referred Member to “TripleClicks” – You earn direct commissions of 45% of commission volume on product and also the VP of non – affiliates shares in the executive pool results in more commissions for you.
DC :- Direct Commissions – This is the name given to your payment each time you sell a product based on the products commission value.
CV :- Commission Volume – value/amount determined by products margin .it’s the difference between products wholesale/base cost and retail prices.The higher the margin the higher the commission volume.this is the max that can be paid out as commissions.
VP :- Versa Points – This is the name given to points awarded to affiliates for a variety of actions as outlined in your ledger.The more versa points the more shares in Executive pool the more commissions
VP Ledger :- contains a list of actions you can take to earn versa points (VP).
EP :- Executive Pool – A potentially lucrative, monthly income stream available to all SFI affiliates. SFI puts 40% of the CV of EVERY TripleClicks purchase—companywide—into the Tripleclicks Executive Pool. For each VersaPoint (VP) you accumulate during the month, you receive one share of the month’s pool. The more VP you score, the more you can earn from the TripleClicks Executive Pool. You can also earn more shares by becoming a Team Leader.
CSC :- Co-Sponsor Commissions – the amount of commissions from a  Co- Sponsored Affiliate
SO :- Standing Order –one of the easiest ways to generate significant VersaPoints each month AND get your favorite SFI product or service automatically shipped to you or renewed every month without the hassle of having to continually place an order. A Standing Order means that you have authorized SFI to charge your checking account or credit card each month for one or more SFI products and/or services.
PTP :- Pick-The-Price – is a contest where you predict the final price of any particular auction.Prize is TCredits(currency at TripleClicks).And it is 1 TCredit per Entry
PPA:- Pay Per Action This program allows you to earn upfront cash for signing up affiliates TripleClicks  members or more
ECA :- E Commerce Associate Short for E-Commerce Affiliate, ECA is the term used for commercial sellers and companies participating in our ECA Program, which allows them to market their products and services side-by-side with our own products and services at There’s no cost for ECAs to list their products and services and they can immediately begin taking advantage of the exposure and growing worldwide traffic of TripleClicks.
EA :- Executive Affiliate – A VIP title of recognition (commonly referred to as an EA) for an affiliate with 1,500 to 2,999 versa points for the month.
EA2 :- An Executive Affiliate who has maintained the EA rank for two or more months.
BTL:- Bronze Team Leader A VIP title of recognition (commonly referred to as a BTL) for an affiliate with 3,000 to 3,999 Versa  Points for the month 
STL :- Silver Team LeaderA VIP title of recognition (commonly referred to as a STL) for an affiliate with 4,000 to 4,999 Versa points for the month 
GTL :- Gold Team Leader – A VIP title of recognition (commonly referred to as a GTL) for an affiliate with 5,000 to 5,999(VP)Versa Points for the month 
PTL :- Platinum Team Leader – A VIP title of recognition (commonly referred to as a PTL) for an affiliate with 6,000 or more (VP) Versa Points for the month  .

Auctions also have abbreviations

1WA      auctions for bidders who have never won an auction.
WBF      winner bidder will receive all bids back
New       recently added product (prize)
Last       Last chance to win this item no additional auctions for this item is planned
DP         Each bid will give you double member reward points
NAB       No auto bidder action
Jr           Junior Auctions 9 wins or less
XW        Extra winners chosen in random drawing.Restrictions applied.
“99¢ Cap” these auctions, no matter how many bids are placed, the price you’ll pay at checkout if you win will be no more than 99¢! 

Big dog  Open bidding even if you’ve reached your standard win.Limit maximum 1 win per day.




 You never know unless you try.Road to “Financial Freedom” .We offer Residue and Leverage income!!!

Here are your BENEFITS.

a. The 45% of CV commission from PSA.
b. The 45% of CV commission from from PRM.
c. The 40% of company-wide income shared to qualified affiliates.
d. The 15% of CV commission from CSA.
e. The 10% of CV commission from ECA.
f. Cash SFIPPA.
g. Other possible awards and winnings.

There is NO obligation,No upfront fees.
All latest techniques and training FREE!!

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