COMPARE SFI TO OTHER BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES!!! the code for SFI the code for Network Marketing/MLM the code for Traditional Affiliate Programs the code for Franchises the code for Direct Sales
Y = Yes   U = Usually   S = Sometimes   N = No
Codes for  Business Opportunities                                                         1   2  3   4   5                                                           
1.. free for as long as you want, with no obligation                                          Y  N  S  N  N
2..own personalized Website provided free                                                         Y  N  U  N  N
3..Personal mentors- free personal support & assistance                              Y  N  N  N  N
4..Company handles payment, shipping, customer service for you          Y  U  Y  N  N
5..Can create substantial income giving away free stuff                                 Y  N  N  N  N
6..Marketable in every country worldwide make money everywhere!     Y  S  N  N  N
7..Less than a dollar a day in sales to qualify for upper level income        Y  N  N  N  N
8..Member of Better Business Bureau                                                                        Y  N  N  Y  N
9..In business on the Internet 10 or more years                                                    Y  S  N  S  S
10.Extensive free training & resources to help you get started fast            Y  N  N  N  N
11.Can share in company-wide sales/commissions every month                 Y  S  N  N  N
12.Can earn ongoing, residual income from one-time sales                            Y  S  N  N  N
13.Potential to earn $100,000+ annually                                                                  Y  Y  N  Y  N
14.Support available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week                                        Y  S  U  S  S
15.Can earn unlimited override commissions on unlimited levels               Y  N  N  N  N
16.  #1 product available/shippable worldwide                                                     Y  N  N  N  N
17.Built from ground up for the Internet                                                                   Y  N  Y  N  N
18.Tools provided for easy and free contact- your entire sales team           Y  N  N  N  N
19.Can market virtually ANY product or service in the world                          Y  N  N  N  N
20.Has paid out millions in commissions                                                                   Y  Y  N  Y  Y
21.Pays out over 60% of revenues back in commissions                                    Y  S  S  N  S
22.Extensive marketing tools – market how you like –online or off               Y  S  N  N  N
23.Has own private-labeled products                                                                          Y  Y  U  Y  U
24.Over one million affiliates/distributors                                                                Y  N  N  N  N
25.Simple, easy-to-understand compensation plan                                             Y  N  Y  U  U
26.Donates a percentage of sales to charity                                                             Y  S  S  S  S
27.Business and income can be willed to a family member                              Y  S  N  S  N
28.Commissions payable weekly in your  currency via ATM machine          Y  N  N  N N
PLEASE NOTE:  . There are of course exceptions and the reader is encouraged to do his or her own additional research
Therefore,  What’s the best thing we could do for your family today? Would it be
becoming a SFI Family Member, so that you would know that your future would be more secure , or putting it off, so that your future would be uncertain?  

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