The small attribute icons that sometimes appear at the bottom of auction panels on the main Auction page indicate a special type of auction


    Double MRP (Member Rewards Points): receive double MRP for all bids on this auction
   Big Dog Auction: open bidding for all, even if they’ve reached the standard win limit
  99 Cent Auction: auction checkout price will be $0.99 or less, regardless of the number of bids placed
Micro auctions: small auction items, specifically for new and inexperienced bidders
   Winner Bids Free: winning bidder will receive all of his/her bids back upon completion of the auction
  Progressive Auction: begins with a base bundle of 50 TCredits or 20 PSAs; once reserve bid price is reached, the amount in the bundle will increase in proportion to the number of bids placed
  Guaranteed Win Auction: limited to SFI affiliates who have never won a Pricebenders auction OR have not won in the last 365 days; a maximum of 200 bidders allowed per auction
   1st Win Auction: auction is open only to bidders who have not yet won a Pricebenders auction
  New item recently added to Pricebenders auctions
   Junior auctions: limited to members with 9 wins or fewer
Last Chance Auction: last chance to win this item; no additional auctions of this item are planned
   Under-performing item: the last 5 auctions for this item have gone for 95% or more off retail price

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